Take a seat in the front row, right on the  beach of a peaceful fishing village.

This tiny beach resort in Msambweni is far away from any kind of package tourism.

Please explore the magic of this silent and unspoilt paradise on the following pages.

Mbuyu Beach Bungalows is ranking top on tripadvisor. Thanks for the appreciative reviews!

By the way, before you book with us: do you really want to . . .

Photo C Hartmut Fiebig

  • go to Africa, and not only lie in the sun at any tropical place?
  • skate over neighboring Diani with it's famous waterfront and its touristic amenities?
  • meet (almost) only locals on the beach and in the village?
  •  sleep under a palm-thatched roof - which also means: without air conditioning?
  • stay without a flat screen in your room and animation programs of any kind?
  • survive without an extensive wine card and  a pricey selection of whiskey brands?
  • enjoy a (largely) WiFi-free zone, switch off your smartphone and . . .
  • . . . read (or write) a book at total ease?
  • enjoy pure nature, with high and low tides and even seaweed around mid-year?

Does that meet your expectations? Then enjoy our homepage!

Several "no"-answers? Maybe you better look somewhere else ...