Take a seat in the front row, right on the beach of a peaceful fishing village.

This tiny beach resort in Msambweni is far away from any kind of package tourism.

Please explore the magic of this silent and unspoilt paradise on the following pages.

Your hosts know their way around Africa - they are there for you all the time.


Isabelle Graedel works in troubled African regions as head of humanitarian projects from time to time.


Werner Zeppenfeld was for may years the Africa correspondent for ARD German Television, based in Nairobi.


Struppi is one of our nice cats.

We have used the  first Corona year for some renovations and beautification - so: welcome to the beach again! And if you want to go on safari in addition: that can be arranged from here at short notice.


Above all: stay loyal to Kenya during and after the pandemic, please. Once you sit here on the  lonely beach, everything else is like weather glow on the distant horizon...