On arrival

Do you have WIFI?

Not everywhere, as most our guests want to get away from it during their stay with us. Nevertheless you can go online around the main house. Just ask us for the password.


Is the tap water safe?

For making coffee and cleaning teeth: yes. For drinking we recommend bottled water (you get it in the restaurant). Table water during dinner is free.


Are there poisonous snakes?

For years none have been seen on the compound, but you cannot completely exclude their presence anywhere in Africa. Rarely one may see a bush viper (green, thin and completely harmless).


Is malaria a topic?

To our knowledge, no guest has ever been infected. As only few people live in the vicinity, a transfer is unlikely. Your hosts never had malaria despite not taking any prophylaxis. A quick test can be done in the village.


In the restaurant

When is breakfast time?

From eight - until all were there. An earlier breakfast can be arranged if necessary. Should you want lunch, please let the kitchen know in the morning.


When do you serve dinner?

After the sundowner at 19:30 h, we eat together at the long table in the restaurant or under the palm trees – depending on the season. Do not hesitate to ask should you prefer a separate table.


Do you serve fish every day?

If our guests wish, we can do so for weeks. You will not get fresher seafood anywhere. But of course our chef can also fry a steak for you. Or prepare something veg(etari)an.


Do you have latte macchiato?

Sorry, coffee machines do not live long in this salty climate - but we can always offer a good pressed one.


How long is the bar open at night?

The service is on duty almost up to ten. For the later thirst there are two mini fridges with water and beer behind the restaurant. Please note the number of bottles taken and your name/room number in the small book.


Do I tip?

Not in-between - but you are very welcome to put something in the tip box at departure. It is then divided equally among all employees. Thank you!


Around pool and garden

Can I swim at night?

 Yes, either with or without pool light (the switch is next to the door of the pool house). Just don’t make noise, please.


 Are there annoying monkeys?

 No, only during mango season, vervet monkeys help themselves to the ripe ones. Therefore, please do not leave any fruit open in the bungalow. All year round bush babies are living in our trees (monkeys a bit like lemurs); you rarely see them but you will hear them at night.


Are these red and black millipedes dangerous?

They are the most harmless creatures on earth. And extremely useful: they eat old leaves and poop compost. The locals call them "Mombasa Express".


Are the night watchmen necessary?

As regards to safety, hardly. But it’s good to have them around for late coming guests or for night-time assistance.


At the beach

Are there sharks, jellyfish, dangerous currents?

None of these.


Should we wear slippers?

Only when walking far out to the reef at low tide - there might be sea urchins. Barefoot swimming or beach walking is fine.


Is the ocean always so far away?

 No, twice a day the tide comes in (a tide table is in the restaurant). The highs vary up to two meters (depending on the moon phase), with waves splashing up the beach wall at maximum tide. For shallow times: there is the pool.


Do the beach vendors charge reasonable prices?

Sometimes, but not always - in doubt please ask the hosts. Inform us should there be any harassment. Please do not buy shells or starfish – their export is prohibited anyway!


What do you do to clean the beach?

Every Wednesday morning (and in between) we collect plastic from the beach and get it recycled. Seasonal seaweed is part of the intact nature in East Africa; from December to April, it disappears.


In the village

Can I walk around safely?

Yes, any time of day. Sometimes the beach vendors offer their company, but it works as well without. In the village friendly pedestrians are welcome and also taking photos is rarely a problem. Please wear more than the bathing dress, although there is no need to exaggerate the covering: the local Islam is very relaxed.