Welcome to Mbuyu Beach Bungalows! For German or French please click above.

By the way, before you book with us: do you really want to . . .

  • go to Africa, and not only lie in the sun at any tropical place?
  • skate over neighboring Diani with it's famous waterfront and its touristic amenities?
  • meet (almost) only locals on the beach and in the village?
  • sleep under a palm-thatched roof - which also means: without air conditioning?
  • stay without a flat screen in your room and animation programs of any kind?
  • survive without an extensive wine card and  a pricey selection of whiskey brands?
  • enjoy a (largely) WiFi-free zone, switch off your smartphone and . . .
  • . . . read (or write) a book at total ease?
  • enjoy pure nature, with high and low tides and even seaweed around mid-year?

Does that meet your expectations? Then enjoy our homepage!                                Several "no"-answers? Maybe you better look somewhere else ...