The restaurant.

Photo: Hartmut Fiebig

You will always be at eye level with the "catch of the day".

Of course we happily look for alternatives if your taste is not that maritime - but our restaurant serves fresh fish as often as you like. Any seafood here comes straight from the ocean, and you enjoy it grilled, stewed, baked or as an irresistible curry with coconut rice. We generally supply our regional cuisine with fresh products from the local markets.


The kitchen also provides a rich tropical breakfast with lots of fruit and hand-squeezed juice. In case you feel hungry again at noon, you can get a snack or a full lunch, just the way you want.


Many of our guests love to share dinner at one big table - so join in for a talkative evening, if you like (of course, this is not mandatory).

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Photo: Hartmut Fiebig
Omari the cook with the catch of the day.
Mangos from our own garden.
Mangos from our own garden.
Photo: Lohmeier
The little library (left) and the mini bar. Below: an aerial view of the restaurant and bungalow no. 1